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The Twin Children of the Holocaust

“The Twin Children of the Holocaust: Stolen Childhood and the Will to Survive”

Nancy L. Segal

Published 2023, Academic Studies Press 978-8-88719-086-0

A brand-new publication from the renowned author and researcher, Dr. Nancy Segal, The Twin Children of the Holocaust documents the authors visit to Auschwitz along with surviving twins of the infamous Dr. Mengele’s horrific medical experiments. Essentially a photo journal, the book tells of the closure demanded with the mock trial of Mengele in Israel after the visit to the site of the horrors. Dr. Segal took her own photographs and shares with us the catharsis of healing that took place.

Dr. Segal brings humanity to an inhumane moment of history. As the title states – this is a story about survival in the face of degradation, humiliation, pain, and loss. The children, now adults, who survived were but a few of those subjected to what should have been inconceivable experimentation. Through her work with twins and twin studies, Dr. Segal brings a depth of understanding to an incomprehensible moment in time.


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